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Carts on Main Street

Carts Lined Up for Loading

Bathers on Crescent Beaches

  A wide variety of produce, including

potatoes and eggs, was shipped by

schooner from Victoria until the early-

1900’s. In the days of the steamboats

Victoria was a regular stop for the Harlan,

dropping off visitors from Charlottetown

and places further afield, to spend a few

days relaxing in the beautiful village by the sea.

SS Harland Docking

Docking of the SS Harland

  The village of Victoria (or Victoria-by-the-Sea), tucked neatly on the south shore of the Island, halfway between Charlottetown and Summerside, was founded in 1819 by James Bardin Palmer, an immigrant lawyer and agent for the Earl of Westmoreland. His son Donald, following a well-conceived plan, laid out the village on Palmer’s estate. The effect can still be seen today by the grid pattern of its streets.

  By the late-1800’s the settlement was

prosperous with three wharves and many

thriving businesses. Because of its shel-

tered harbour and strategic location,

Victoria became an important seaport

with a significant amount of trade with

Europe, the West Indies and other

East Coast ports.

Victoria-by-the-Sea • A History

Bathers Crescent Beach
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